Yes, it's a reference. No, not to the company you think. Seriously.

Well, probably that too. But it can be two things.

Want to look at some pictures of coffee? I bet you do.

Yep, that's a cup of coffee.
And a second one, but on a messy table this time. Fantastique.
Look at all those chickens!
Oh no! It's undercooked! Put it back in!

Here is where we say something inspirational about our company. A mission statement, something about "Making the world a better place, one cup at a time," or other jazz like that. It's all very haughty, important stuff, really. You should feel ready to take on the day after looking it over. I imagine THAT is what's doing it, anyway. It's either that, or the caffiene.

--Starchild Coffee Marketing Director

ANOTHER section? Can you hardly believe it?